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Advice from Northwestern Mutual Interns

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An internship is so much more than a line on your resume. Northwestern Mutual recognizes this, which is why we offer our interns learning experiences and professional relationships that will benefit them for years to come. Five of our 2023 interns offer advice on how to get the most out of an internship and what makes Northwestern Mutual an ideal place to intern. 

Be Intentional in Creating Relationships  

Pasqualina M. – Treasury Risk Investment Ops Analytics & Data Intern 

Meeting people is a huge part of working here at Northwestern Mutual. Take time to form relationships with coworkers, especially with those in the same department. Also connecting with other interns going through a corporate internship gives you a network of people at the same career stage as you.  

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes 

James D. – Tech + Strategic Information Intern 

You’re not going to get everything right the first time. There will be many times when you will have to learn the hard way. Stay humble, remain confident and use your mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Try Something New 

Nathan P. – Campus Experiences & Events Intern 

Be open-minded to trying different projects and roles. Before coming here, I had a really straightforward mindset of my career after college. But after meeting people and learning about their career journeys, I’ve realized career paths are meant to be diverse and that's how you build your experiences and business acumen.  

Embrace Opportunities for Improvement 

Johanna M.B. – Human Resources Intern 

Know your weaknesses and not just your strengths. As interns, that's important because if you’re only aware of your skills, you’ll fail to improve on your weaknesses, which can be great areas of opportunities.  

Create Work Life Balance 

Kyra S. – Talent Brand Intern 

Have open conversations with your manager about workload; if too much or too little or just enough – it’s important to have those conversations. Having that open relationship helps them understand where you’re at and maintain a healthy balance. No one expects you to work beyond a 40-hour work week and, in fact, you’re encouraged not to.  

The Value of a Northwestern Mutual Internship 

Our interns gain meaningful experience working on real projects, learning from smart and passionate people. With so many opportunities to learn, grow and stay, Northwestern Mutual is a great jump start for your career. 

We offer paid internship opportunities across a variety of career interests, including tech, marketing, finance, underwriting and more. For more information, check out our NM Internships | Northwestern Mutual Careers page.