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How We Work

NM Q&A Journeyman 900X675

Journey to Journeywoman: A Q&A with Angela Czerwonka

By keeping our buildings running, our tradespeople are truly embedded within the fabric of our culture. Northwestern Mutual offers a variety of exciting and fulfilling careers within the trade space. Angela Czerwonka highlights what it’s like to be a…

NM Q&A Underwriter (2)

On Being an Underwriter: A Q&A with Lisa Brown

Underwriting is the heart of everything we do at Northwestern Mutual. But what’s it like to work as an underwriter? We sat down with Lisa Brown to talk about this unique and rewarding career. Check out our interview below as Lisa sheds light on the…

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A stable restaurant career? It’s right here.

How our NM restaurant pivoted during the pandemic For Wisconsin-based employees, Northwestern Mutual’s onsite restaurant offers free lunch to employees or “customers” every day. But, in 2020 as the pandemic spread, the majority of employees shifted…