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6 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Interview

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So, you have an interview. You’ve got all the right skills for the role, you’ve studied the job description, practiced your answers, and researched the company. Now is the time to show why you are the right fit for the job and the culture. And showing up as your authentic self is a great way to highlight your personality and your skills.

How? Our veteran recruiters broke down six of their best tips for bringing your authentic self to every interview.

  1. Share Your Personality. Let the interviewer in on who you are as a person. They already know your technical skills and experience from your resume, so this is the time to show your personality. When you relax and share your presence in a way that’s confident, yet humble, you connect and engage with your interview team. Just remember to remain professional.
  2. Share Your Knowledge. The fact that you were invited to interview shows you have the skills for the role. But this is your chance to acknowledge and showcase how those skills will help you to not just perform the job duties listed in the job description, but to elevate the entire team and the work. Highlighting how your experience adds value can set you apart from other candidates.

  3. Share Your Questions. It’s totally normal to really want the job. But too often candidates focus only on getting the job instead of thoroughly understanding the role and how they would fit into the organization. Asking thoughtful questions, like “what do you like about the culture here?” or “how does the company support my professional growth?” can help you evaluate if you align with the role and the organization as a whole.

  4. Share Your Values. No, we’re not talking about your morals, religious or ethical beliefs. Instead this is a time to share the values that differentiate you in the workplace. Things like honesty, creativity, keeping commitments, or fairness. Explaining how these types of values can create results in the workplace not only showcases your human side, but how you fit in with a broader work culture.

  5. Share Your Goals. Highlighting how you’re thinking in short- and long-term goals can demonstrate to the interview team your commitment to the role. Think about sharing personal goals, like what you hope to get out of the role or what you hope to get out of your career, as well as those goals that help the business, like what gains you hope to make and what positive changes you hope to make.

  6. Share Your Stories. Lastly, don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. This is your opportunity to share the things about you that make you right for the role. Be open and honest, making sure you go light on missteps, failures, or doubts, and your authenticity will shine through. And remember to be proud of your story. Because if you don’t believe in it, if you aren’t proud of it, it’s hard to convince someone else that you’re the right person for the role.

Most importantly, just be you. Make eye contact, stay engaged, and demonstrate enthusiasm for the role and the company. Recruiters and hiring managers know you have the skills, and during the interview they are genuinely excited to get to know you better as a person. And candidates who are authentic, personable, and relaxed come across in a positive light. So, take a deep breath, you’ve got this.