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Feeling heard by your doctor: how our Teledoc benefit paid off for one mom

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It was a night Sarah Wojner will never forget. It started normally as she read to her 3-year-old twins, River and Violet, lying between them waiting for them to fall asleep. 

A working mother, Sarah, HR operations senior representative, was busy thinking of what she’d do when the kids were sleeping — she’d sneak downstairs, wash dishes and pack school lunches. She never made it to the kitchen that night. River unexpectedly started convulsing, eventually becoming unresponsive. 

“River’s eyes were open, but he wasn't looking at me. His left arm was convulsing — just tightening over and over.” 

What followed was a harrowing 911 call, an ambulance ride to the emergency room and a prescription for seizure rescue medication. But Sarah was disappointed that no testing was done that night. She was plagued with questions about River’s condition. Does he have epilepsy? What part of his brain is impacted? What treatments might be effective? Sarah set out to find answers and get River on a path to better health and stability. 

Searching for—and finding—answers with NM benefits 

Sarah already had a better than average understanding of epilepsy, as her brother Michael was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child. Following his emergency room visit, Sarah finally saw the results from River’s first diagnostic test were available in his online medical records. She was again disappointed with the lack of interaction from his care team. 

“I saw the results, but I didn't understand what any of it meant. It was like a foreign language. I expected that his neurologist would call me to discuss the results. But the call never came.” 

Meanwhile, River’s seizures continued. Fearful for her son’s life and searching for a medical team that took his epilepsy seriously, Sarah found information on Teladoc Medical Experts benefit available through her NM benefits package. Despite her skepticism about whether it would be worth it, Sarah initiated a case for River. 

Shortly after, Sarah was connected with Drs. Long and Hartman. The two physicians worked diligently to gather River’s complete medical history. They asked Sarah several questions previous providers never asked, including details about her pregnancy and delivery. 

Ultimately their analysis improved Sarah’s understanding of her son’s condition and led to new treatment options for River. 

Feeling grateful and hopeful for the future 

Knowing her family’s journey with epilepsy isn’t complete, Sarah’s grateful to work for a company that offers several life-changing benefits. 

"I feel really proud to be part of a company that's focused on providing options for our employees' diverse healthcare needs. I've never been employed by a company that has offered so many healthcare options." 

No matter what the future holds, Sarah is breathing more easier knowing supportive healthcare providers exist and she’s not alone in her journey to achieve a seizure-free life for her son.