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Motherhood made easier for our female financial representatives

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Note: Benefits discussed in the following blog are specific to financial representative (field) careers. Find out more about becoming a financial representative here.

At Northwestern Mutual, we’re committed to supporting our female financial representatives in both their professional and personal lives. And we recognize that for many women – especially those who are moms or want to become moms – flexibility, balance, and benefits are especially important.

Whether you’re planning to start a family, or you’re already a mom and are seeking more balance, a career as a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual will support you at every step. Just like Ashley Russo, a Wealth Management Advisor and mom from San Diego, who’s use of NM’s family planning benefits has helped her thrive at work and home. Plus, read more about the benefits she touches on below.



Short Term Disability
Short-term Disability is available to financial representatives who have been working for at least six months. This allows you to take time off to be with your new baby without having to worry about work. And don’t worry, if your team continues to run your business while you’re out, your short-term disability will not be affected.

Return-To-Work Allowance
A return to work allowance is a payout you’re eligible for if you’ve been a financial representative for six months, and you return to work within 16 weeks of having your baby. This allowance can help pay for both personal and business expenses, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy time off with your new baby.

Adoption Benefits
Full-time financial representatives receive an adoption benefit of up to $10,000 per child to help with any costs or legal fees. You are also still eligible for your return-to-work allowance for adopting a child, giving you 6-16 weeks off to bond with your new family member.

Fertility Benefits
For those who need additional support bringing a child into this world, we provide access to fertility benefits. These benefits include assistance for IVF, surrogacy, and embryo transfer for opposite sex, same sex, transgender couples as well as single parents.

Newborn Health Insurance Coverage
Once your baby is born, you can enroll them for full health insurance coverage. As a full-time financial representative, you have the option to contribute to a healthcare and dependent care flexible spending account to help offset some of the medical and childcare expenses.

Mental Health Services
We recognize that mental and emotional stress throughout the path to motherhood isn’t uncommon. At NM we offer a comprehensive mental health program that’s confidential and accessible. You get access to digital health programs and coaches via text, email, and phone so there’s support whenever you need it.

As part of your health plan, financial representatives have access to a parental coaching program known as Cleo. The program is designed to give you one on one guidance and support through parenting consultation sessions, virtual workshops with parenting experts, and access to a network of specialists who can help you navigate parenthood.  

Flexible Schedules
While all NM financial representatives enjoy control of their own schedules, this perk is especially helpful for moms. Whether you’re a new mom easing back into work, or a parent balancing the many appointments, events and sick days that come with children, you have the freedom to work around your child’s schedule.


Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, Northwestern Mutual is here to help you find success on your own terms. Find out more about becoming a financial representative.