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Promoting Women’s Career Advancement through Mentorship

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Careers are certainly a journey, but they aren’t a journey we take alone. At Northwestern Mutual, we believe in mentorship as a powerful way for our people to develop skills and cultivate their careers.  

For women in the workplace, we know mentorship can be especially valuable, which is why, we are intentional in creating dedicated programs that uplift women throughout all stages of their career. Learn more about four of our in-house mentorship programs designed to elevate our women employees at Northwestern Mutual.  

Women’s ERG Mentorship Program 

With over 1,600 members, our Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) provides a mentorship program that pairs women who are early in their careers with more experienced women and male allies who can provide guidance and support. The mentorship program also includes professional development opportunities, such as an interview skills workshop and panel discussions. Having a familiar face in the workplace makes all the difference in fostering a sense of belonging, and the Women’s ERG plays a pivotal role in making each woman feel known and valued. In 2023, nearly 500 employees participated in the mentoring program.  

Women in Tech Mentorship Program 

Through the Women in Tech (WIT) Squad, Northwestern Mutual employees serve as mentors and mentees to internal employees and external participants. Through speed coaching and upskilling events, participants expand their networks, toolkits and opportunities. And women who serve as mentors not only help build safe spaces where younger women can practice new skills, but their presence alone is key to building female representation in tech.  

Project Uplift and McKinsey Leadership Academy 

Project Uplift and the McKinsey Leadership Academy are two unique programs that give Black and African American women direct exposure to top leaders through cohort roundtables, accelerator programs and executive mentorship. These mentorships lead to personal growth and talent movement within the company. Both programs continue to grow and expand their audience with every new cohort.  

VIBE and Male Allies Reverse Mentoring 

Our mentorship philosophy extends beyond career development. VIBE, which focuses on the excellence and advancement of Black women at Northwestern Mutual, has created a reverse mentoring program. Members of VIBE serve as mentors to leaders within the Male Allies group, which is comprised of male executives interested in learning about allyship through networking. Through the program, both groups are able to engage in networking and conversation with individuals from differing life and career experiences. 

Paying it Forward 

In addition to internal mentorship programs, we also pay it forward by mentoring young women in the Milwaukee community. Women in our tech vertical give back through four-week coding bootcamps and we partner with local Milwaukee schools throughout the year. It’s one of the many ways we are creating an impactful difference for the next generation.  

Our mentorship programs positively impact thousands of women year-round. Check out all the ways we share in the success of our people by visiting our Career Growth page.